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The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Russia is a Masonic, voluntary fraternal organization consisting of people of good will, good character and good reputation who believe in God and profess the spirit of universal brotherhood with people.

Our brothers are loyal to their country and devote their time to the principles of friendship and camaraderie. Their goal is to serve all of humanity.

For many people, Freemasonry fills that part of themselves that, according to their inner feeling, they lacked. Whether it's social, philosophical, spiritual, historical, or just a sense of community with others: you will find in Freemasonry the part of yourself that you are looking for.

Freemasonry belongs to the esoteric circle of teachings. Freemasons have always made up a negligible percentage of the population. They have never followed the path of increasing the number of members, preferring the strictest and thorough qualitative selection, thanks to which their integrity has been preserved for more than 800 years.

Contrary to the majority opinion, Freemasonry has never been a secret society. Russian Russian Freemasons, for example, were proud of their involvement in the Order of Masons in the XVIII-XIX centuries, and Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin, the last Russian chronicler and the first Russian historiographer, as a member of the Golden Crown Lodge, said: "who is not a freemason today." 

The whole world of the St. Petersburg nobility of the Alexander era consisted of Freemasonry.

Russian Freemasons – "names, brilliant succession", Buturlins, Gorchakovs, Razumovskys, Golitsyns. Masons were military leaders, field marshals such as Suvorov, Kutuzov. These people gave their whole soul to the service of the fatherland. 

Freemasons have always been positive about the idea of social progress. 

In the parables of King Solomon it is said: "when you say that the old days were better than the present, then remember: you are not saying this out of wisdom." 

The old days could not have been better than the present, otherwise progress would have stopped. Masons believe that the golden age of mankind is not in the past, but in the future.

Speaking about social development, I would like to say that development in any society leads to its growing up and choosing its own path. This is exactly what the three full-fledged Venerable Lodges of the United Grand Lodge of Russia (“Sphinx”, “Alexander To Order” and “Resurrection”), consisting of its legally accepted members and having patents of the OVLR, did. In 2019, more than sixty brothers-masters, by a unanimous decision, approved the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Russia in the East of the city of St. Petersburg. At the solemn assembly in the East of the city of St. Petersburg in the same 2019, the charter was signed and the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Russia (SGLR) was formed.