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What are the requirements for a person who wants to become a Mason?

The main requirements for a candidate are reduced, according to the ritual, to the fact that he must be a person of "free and good morals". The first of these definitions in our time, of course, has somewhat lost its meaning, but great attention is paid to the moral qualities of a potential candidate, for which preliminary conversations are held with him and, if possible, also talk with his acquaintances.

The potential candidate must be a man, over 21 years old, who believes in a Higher Being, in God, as well as in the immortality of the soul.

Since Freemasonry is a humane society, the purpose of which, in particular, is to help others through charity, and also since membership in the Brotherhood implies regular payment of membership fees and other fees, a potential candidate must have a certain material status, which condition is by no means burdensome for him, since all material issues in the The fraternity is solved taking into account the real capabilities of the brothers.

What restrictions are there in Freemasonry of faith, race of the candidate?

No. The candidate should only believe in God, the immortality of the soul and in the supreme destiny of Man in the universe. Certain restrictions on membership in the Brotherhood are imposed on the contrary, by some denominations. For example, until very recently, there was a ban on membership in the Brotherhood for adherents of the Roman Catholic Church.

Should I be invited to join Freemasonry or can I take my own initiative?

Freemasonry is not a sect or a missionary organization and does not recruit its members in society. If you wait, you will wait forever. The Masonic principle is not to recruit supporters. Even if our brother is with you, he has no right to invite you to the order. If he thinks you could be a good candidate, he can only briefly mention his connection with Freemasonry, nothing more.

The rest is up to you. Therefore, it would be reasonable — if there is a desire — to look for ways to establish communication with the Brotherhood, and then act according to circumstances. For example, now you are on our website, and contact information is presented to your attention here. The rest is up to you.

I would like to become a Freemason. What should I do?

If you know one of the Masons, contact him. If not, we recommend that you contact the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Russia (SGLR) by filling out a petition in the appropriate section on our website. Be prepared to provide detailed information about yourself.

We ask you to understand that being a Mason is hard. A huge number of requirements are imposed on a person by this high rank, and you need to find the strength to match it. We must also sincerely believe in God. Please, before deciding to apply for membership in Freemasonry, seriously consider whether you are ready for this work, the only reward for which will be the spiritual support of the brothers.

The usual procedure for initiation into the SGLR provides that the candidate writes a petition. At least three master brothers are talking to him. After that, the issue is discussed by the leadership of the lodge, and if the candidate cannot present the brothers-recommenders, then his question is discussed in the leadership of the SGLR.

After that, the lodge considers the applicant's candidacy. If a positive decision is made, the candidate is allowed to be interviewed "under a bandage". The candidate is invited to the lodge, where during the ceremonial ritual work he is blindfolded into the assembly and the members of the lodge ask the appropriate questions.

If a positive decision is made, the candidate is informed of the date and time of initiation. The whole procedure can take many months.

I don't have any referrers. Can I become a Freemason?

Yes. But in this case, the admission procedure will be somewhat complicated. You will have to go through more interviews and we do not hide — inquiries will be made about you.

Are there any duties, payments related to staying in Freemasonry?

Yes. Lodges bear expenses and need finances. Usually a mason pays an annual fee. Upon initiation into the first degree, the mason also pays a one-time entrance fee. The Lodge takes into account the cost of living in a given city, the difficulties of the economic situation, the current needs of the Lodge itself. The amount of the contribution is set within the limits feasible for the brother. However, this amount is tangible and is not symbolic.